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Made of all natural latex, Belatex mattresses are designed and engineered in Belgium. The process of making latex mattresses is like baking waffles; there’s no chemical reaction. Taken from the sap of rubber tree, hevea brasiliensis, the latex milk is baked in specially-designed ovens. Therefore, Belatex mattresses are natural and healthy for the sleeper.

Sleep fresh and cool

A Belatex mattress is breathable as it has an open cell structure that allows more air to pass through it. This means that a Belatex mattress is continually ventilated simply through the movements of the person lying on it. The result is a fresh, cool and comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Luxurious comfort and progressive support

A Belatex mattress is soft to the touch at first and gives you the support your body needs as you sink deeper. This progressive support technology ensures a perfect combination of comfort and back care. Adjusting itself perfectly to the sleepers’ body contour, Belatex mattress keeps your spinal column perfectly straight and body pressure distributed.

Restful sleep

When we sleep, we move about 30-60 times per night and it is important that these movements are not impeded to get a restful sleep. With natural latex elasticity, a Belatex mattress gives excellent support in contouring to the shape of your body while still allowing free movement.

Anti-microbial and dustmite resistant

Natural latex mattresses are anti-microbial and dustmite resistant. Therefore, Belatex mattresses are highly recommended for people with allergies.

Long lasting

By its nature, latex keeps its elastic properties longer than any other elastic sleep product. By making the construction out of one piece without any gluing, these natural properties remain 100% intact.

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