Care & Warranty

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At European Bedding We Make It Simple:


Not sure the support and feel of the mattress you choose is right for you? No worries. Try our latex mattresses for 100 days at home and feel the comfort.   If necessary, we can still change to a softer/firmer version without extra costs incurred. No risk! Satisfaction guaranteed!


Turn your mattress every four months: upside-down and/or rotate so that you sleep on different pats of the mattress. This evens out the pressure.

Never expose the latex to UV or direct sunlight.

If you need to clean the core because of the mishap, use a damp cloth and rub lightly. Let it dry in a dark room.

Ventilate your room every day.

We recommend that you use a slatted base rather than plank or box spring to ensure the correct support and breathability of your mattress.


We guarantee that all our latex mattresses comply with the European Eco-label Standard for latex mattresses. This standard determines that a mattress core should not lose more than 25mm height and not more than 20% of it’s firmness.  Should the latter occur we will compensate the purchaser according to the following arrangement:

Mattress < 2 year old: free replacement of mattress core

3-4 years old: we pay 70% of the cost of a new mattress core

5-6 years old: we pay 50% of the cost of a new mattress core

7-8 years old: we pay 30% of the cost of a new mattress core

9-10 years old: we pay 10% of the cost of a new mattress core 


We abide by Australian Consumer Law so you are fully protected.