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The experts in adjustable beds

European Bedding has operated as a family-owned business in Perth for 37 years. Our welcoming and inviting showroom in the heart of Cottesloe provides the ideal setting to relax and experience our advanced bedding options. Our experienced staff will discuss with you your needs to finding the optimum sleeping goals. Every individual has different requirements, whether it be your mattress, pillow, or bed. Our natural bedding range from Heveya offers multiple combinations of mattress and pillow properties to find your optimal sleeping environment.

Our unique installation service directly to your bedroom is carried out by our friendly and experienced in-house delivery team, allowing you the benefits of a stress free purchase.

We are the market leading supplier of high-quality adjustable beds, natural latex and pressure-relieving mattresses, as well as bedroom furniture and accessories. We have been addressing the developing demands of (and providing the answers to), improved health and lifestyle in the bedroom for over 36 years.

We hold knowledge and expertise in sleep and pressure care products that is unsurpassed in Australia and at prices that pleasantly surprise. Just ask the thousands of families and individuals whose lives have been so positively changed after engaging with us – why they, and many healthcare professionals and organisations who demand expertise and value for money have recommended us.

Manufactured in Italy, Germany and Belgium, our bedroom products are designed to deliver healthy sleeping, perfect comfort and a rejuvenation of the body and mind.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you.

36+ years of experience

Our reputation has stood the test of time. Truthful experience is what we offer. Trust us to guide you.

Family owned

To us, owning our own business means a complete commitment to our clients.

Problem solvers

We know that no one size suits all. Every client is unique and we thrive on offering customised solutions.

Customer support

We understand what real customer service is all about. Going the extra mile is second nature to us.

Meet the team

Ronan Kelly


Sleeping position: On my back.

Pillow you use: Heveya Soft – just the right amount of elevation to keep my neck and shoulders relaxed.

Sleep hacks: My evening is time to wind down – put the phone away, have a warm face towel and a scented candle for the bedroom, with a bloody good book. I eventually drop off between Heveya’s beautiful linen sheets – Bliss!

Andree McDonough

Finance and Operations

Sleeping position: Back and side.

Pillow you use: My all-time favourite is the Heveya pillow, although I have recently been experimenting with some of our contour pillows. Also love my Heveya bamboo sheets.

Sleep hacks: Stretching before bed and obsessively tracking my sleep stats!

Sara Cox

Senior Sales Consultant

Sleeping position: All ways (back, side and on my enormous belly).

Pillow you use: Heveya Soft

Sleep hacks: Iced water by my bed, I read for 15-20 minutes then use my Heveya eye mask, I reflect on my day then tell my brain it is time to fall asleep.  Then I sleep like a baby… wake every 3 hours crying (haha)!

Dana Belbin

Sales Consultant

Sleeping position: Back and side.

Pillow you use: HB210, the ‘anti-snore’ 100% latex contoured pillow.  I LOVE this pillow since discovering how well it opens my airways for breathing when I lie on it – even in the side position.  My partner is very thankful for this pillow!

Sleep hacks: Listening to music before bed is always relaxing, and I have lavender oil in my infuser that usually gets turned on before I settle into bed.

Tristan Lasevicius

Dream Team Manager

Sleeping position: When I go to sleep I start off on my side, one arm under the pillow, and by the time I wake up I’m flat on my back.

Pillow you use: I prefer a latex pillow due to its ability to mould to my head and support my head when I sleep. It beats having to fold a feather pillow multiple ways to get it comfortable.

Sleep hacks: I try to get a sleep-in wherever I can. I’m a very warm sleeper so to help regulate my temperature when I sleep, I always have one leg not covered by the quilt.

Art de Boer

Dream Team Expert

Sleeping position: On my back, on custom length adjustable bed to allow for my Dutch height.

Pillow you use: Only ever Natural Latex!

Sleep hacks: Get a companion adjustable bed, with individual Heveya II mattresses, for no partner disturbance!

Juan Zavaleta

Dream Team Specialist

Sleeping position: On my side.

Pillow you use: Bow tie MyLatex, more comfortable to sleep on my side.

Sleep hacks: My MiniJumbuk Sleep Therapy helps me a lot to relax on my bed.

Manuel Blanco Cruz

Dream Team Specialist

Sleeping position: Everywhere.

Pillow you use: Soft Latex.

Sleep hacks: Natural latex = happy life. Happy life = happy wife.

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