Comfort meets nature with Heveya®

Exclusive to European Bedding

European Bedding is proud to be the only stockist in Perth of the Heveya® bedding product range, which offers 100% natural organic latex mattresses and pillows.

Heveya® organic latex delivers natural elasticity and spinal alignment, bringing you unsurpassed support and long-lasting pressure relief all night long.

Heveya® mattresses sport a multi-layer design which provides personalised comfort and support. The top layer is slightly softer for comfort at first touch and the bottom layer is firmer to provide better back support as you settle deeper into your sleep.

Breathable and Hypoallergenic

Heveya® organic latex core is naturally dust mite and mould resistant, making it a top choice for those with allergies. Heveya® mattresses also come with a fully removable and cleanable cover to ensure fresh and hygienic rest.

Ethically produced

Heveya® has found the best suppliers around the world and only work with people that adhere to social and environmental standards – they are carbon neutral and hold Fair Choice certification.

All products are sourced from renewable resources and manufactured using only environmentally friendly practices.

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