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Are you looking for a new mattress but unsure if firm or soft is the way to go? Seeking a new bed for the perfect night’s sleep but still haven’t found it yet? Tired of pushy salespeople selling you the wrong bedding products?

Rest assured, it’s time to book a Sleep Consultation.

Finding the perfect mattress or bed can often be a challenge due to individual needs, requirements and preferences – and since we spend almost a third of our lives asleep, it’s a pretty important transaction or choice to get right! 

Introducing our Sleep Consultations

Our Sleep Consultations are designed to offer expert guidance, recommendations and analysis to equip you with all of the information you’ll need ahead of confidently making the right purchase decision, whether that is with us or another bedding supplier.  

By booking a free sleep consultation, you’ll receive:

We Do Things Differently

We often find customers come into our store feeling overwhelmed and frustrated after visiting multiple bed stores and failing to find their perfect product. We’ve heard about those pushy salespeople who sell the wrong products to customers at premium prices. We are here to tell you that we do things very differently at European Bedding.

Our team of dedicated sleep experts are not only passionate about getting the perfect’s night’s sleep for our customers, but we are also passionate about introducing you to Perth’s premier range of quality beds, mattresses and accessories.

Whether you’re seeking a new mattress, furniture accessories or a new latex mattress, our experienced team will guide you through the features, benefits, and functionalities of each product, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding before making any decisions. No hard sell, no pushy sales techniques – our objective is to ensure you have all of the information you need before you make your sleep solution decision.

Detailed view of the Heveya® Natural Latex Mattress III layered construction. The mattress features a plush top layer made from 100% natural latex for superior comfort, followed by a layer of natural latex for pressure point relief, and a supportive base layer of organic latex. All layers work together to provide exceptional comfort and targeted support for a cool and healthy sleep experience.
"I cannot speak highly enough of the outstanding customer service I received here. Sara, Dana and the team were so helpful in trying to find the right mattress for my needs, communication was fantastic, delivery prompt and on time, and the delivery drivers were just so lovely and courteous.”
Heike Motzek

Book a Sleep Consultation

Please note, if you’re interested in a Healthcare product, please book a Healthcare Consultation so one of our Healthcare experts can be available for your in-store consultation.

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