Hall & Prior – Karingal Green Health & Aged Care Community

Karingal Green Health & Aged Care Community is an exceptional residential aged care home with 160 beds, featuring advanced facilities and services dedicated to specialised care and wellbeing. It has been specifically designed to cater to residents with various levels of care needs, including those requiring more complex or specialised care such as secure memory support and Parkinson’s specific care. The facility aims to provide a comprehensive and inclusive environment for individuals with both low and high care requirements offering permanent, day program, and respite options. Additionally, Karingal Green provides home and community care services, enabling independent living within the familiarity of one’s own home with the addition of available respite for carers.

This thoughtfully designed community presents contemporary accommodations tailored to residents’ unique requirements. It encompasses stunning living and garden areas, a wellness center, a heated hydrotherapy pool, a gymnasium, a café, and a cinema. Moreover, Karingal Green houses an on-site allied and primary health clinic, as well as a dedicated research, training, and education center.

To ensure the highest quality for their new home, Hall & Prior established a team of experienced executives and care managers who conducted a thorough market investigation. Their goal was to source top-notch furniture that would cater to the specific needs of their residents. A key focus was finding beds and mattresses that not only met clinical requirements and comfort standards but also complemented and enhanced the overall design quality of the rooms.

After careful consideration, European Bedding was selected as the supplier. We provided the renowned Malsch Impulse 400 VGS bed, which had received accolades for its exceptional clinical features, quality and design aesthetic. For the largest suites, Malsch created custom-made companion beds, tailored to the specific requirements of the residents. The bed décor was chosen in consultation with the design team to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing solution. Matching overbed/overchair tilt tables were also carefully selected to complete the overall aesthetic.

Addressing a new risk requirement in aged care homes, the Hapeka Viscorelax® Sure mattress was chosen. Notably, it incorporated a unique integrated evacuation system, providing an additional safety feature. Furthermore, the Novis range of mattresses was selected to fulfill high-pressure care needs, further demonstrating Hall & Prior’s commitment to comprehensive and tailored care solutions.

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