Heveya® – Organic & Natural Latex Pillow Set

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Upgrade your sleep experience and save $91 with our customizable Organic & Natural Latex Pillow Set! Indulge in the breathable, eco-conscious comfort of two Heveya® pillows, crafted from 100% natural organic latex. Choose your ideal firmness and shape for personalized neck and spinal support.




  • Firmness levels: Soft, Medium or Firm
  • Suitable for stomach, back and side sleepers
  • Resilient and long lasting support
  • Breathable material for a comfortable sleeping temperature
  • Naturally resistant to dust mite, bacteria and mould
  • Removable bamboo cover for easy cleaning.
  • The core of these Heveya® pillows are made of 100% natural organic latex harvested from a certified organic latex plantation. The pillow covers are made from environmentally friendly bamboo fibre textiles, making it soft and luxurious.

Our natural latex pillows are made of high quality premium materials. They have been rigourously tested and achieved the following international certifications:

Pillow Size

70cm x 40cm x 12.5cm

Pillow Density

, , ,

Optional Extras

Compliment your pillow with a Heveya® Natural Organic mattress, pillows, and sheets.


In line with hygienic practices, all pillows are non-exchangeable and non-refundable once sold.

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Sink into a cool, restful sleep with our naturally breathable and responsive organic latex pillow. It cradles your neck for optimal support throughout the night.

Showcase of natural materials used in the Heveya® Natural Latex. Organic latex, cotton, and other eco-conscious elements provide exceptional comfort and promote a healthy sleep environment.

Natural Materials for Healthier Sleep & Pure-Lasting Comfort

Experience the difference of pure, healthy sleep with a Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Pillow. Our pillows are crafted exclusively from 100% natural latex, free of harmful pesticides, heavy metals, VOCs, and glues. We source our latex from organic or FSC-certified suppliers and collaborate with agro-forestry plantations to promote sustainable practices. Heveya® pillows are perfect for those who seek breathable and supportive sleep, knowing they’re surrounded by nature’s finest materials.

Indulge in Long-lasting Comfort and Supportive Sleep with Organic Latex

Our pillows, crafted from 100% organic latex, provide exceptional pressure relief and cradling support throughout the night. The inherent elasticity of organic latex conforms to your unique head and neck shape, promoting proper spinal alignment for all sleeping positions. Experience enhanced blood circulation and minimized pressure points for a truly restorative sleep experience.

Recommended by healthcare professionals, Heveya® pillows are available in a variety of comfort levels and shapes to perfectly suit your individual needs.


Woman enjoying a restful sleep on a Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Pillow. The pillow's ergonomic design, made from 100% organic latex, promotes spinal alignment and pressure relief
Woman showcasing a Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Pillow. Crafted with 100% natural latex, the pillow offers exceptional comfort and long-lasting durability.

Our breathable, open-cell design wicks away moisture and regulates sleep temperature for a cool, comfortable night’s rest.

Mom and child enjoying playtime on a bed featuring a Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Pillow. The pillow's natural anti-microbial and dust mite resistant properties promote a healthier sleep environment.

Ideal for allergy sufferers, our organic latex pillows are naturally resistant to dust mites and microbes. Plus, they’re made without any harsh chemicals, promoting a healthier sleep environment.

Close-up view of a Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Pillow with its removable bamboo cover open. The soft, breathable bamboo cover offers natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and is machine washable for easy care.

Clean & Fresh Sleep: Our breathable bamboo cover is naturally antibacterial and machine washable for lasting hygiene.


Dimensions ( L x B x H)
Type of Sleeper
Heveya® 1
70cm x 40cm x 10cm
Heveya® 2
70cm x 40cm x 14.5cm
Heveya® 3
67.5cm x 43.5cm x 10/11.5cm
Heveya® 4
70cm x 40cm x 12.5cm
Heveya® 5
70cm x 40cm x 12.5cm
Heveya® 6
70cm x 40cm x 14.5cm
Extra Firm

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