MyLatex 7-Zoned Natural Latex Mattress

Our MyLATEX® 7-Zoned 15cm or 20cm latex mattresses are made of pure, 100% natural Malaysian latex, allowing them to have a strength and breathability unlike mattresses made of a combination of natural and synthetic materials. Tested and certified by International Laboratories, MyLATEX® Natural Latex Mattresses provide exceptional, contouring support and exquisite pressure-relieving comfort.



Naturally derived from rubber trees in Malaysia. No synthetic materials: chemical free, no harmful side effects.

Conforms to natural body contours, encourages blood flow. Say goodbye to muscle ache and cramps!

Superb air circulation, releases body heat and moisture allowing you to stay cool and comfortable.

Minimal wear and tear, returns to original shape after use. Providing you with years of good nights’ sleep.

Natural antibacterial and anti-dust mite properties. No more sleepless nights worrying about allergies.

Made from natural, renewable resources. Completely biodegradable, not harmful to the environment.


Single (200 x 90cm), Single (203 x 91.5cm), Half Queen (203 x 76cm), King Single (203 x 107cm), European Double (200 x 140cm), Queen (203 x 153cm), King (203 x 183cm), Custom Size, Australian Double (190 x 138cm), Australian Single (190 x 91cm)


150mm, 200mm

Key Benefits

  • 100% Natural latex mattress with superior resiliency.
  • 7-Zoned latex mattress gently conforms to movement and provides comfortable support to head, neck, back and spine while offering extra support in the lower back, hips and shoulders.
  • Excellent natural air ventilation system to ensure hygiene and a healthy night’s sleep.
  • Hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial.
  • Anti-dust mite
  • Naturally conforms to body contours and evenly supports the spine thus provides optimal orthopedic support.
  • Incredibly comfortable all night and provides ultimate sense of relaxation.
  • Long lasting
  • Environmentally Friendly

Our products are tested and certified by:


Optional Extras

Add even more comfort and nature to your nights sleep with the addition of a Latex Pillow or Latex Topper.

Cover Options

Bamboo cool and fres

Care & Warranty

Please see below for warranty and maintenance information across our range of Lifestyle Latex Mattresses range:


All stocked European Bedding latex mattresses comply with the European Eco-label standard which specifies that a latex mattress core should not lose more than 25mm height and not more than 20% of its firmness. If this should occur, European Bedding will compensate the purchaser according to the age of the mattress as follows:

  • Mattresses less than 2 years old receive a free replacement of the mattress core.
  • Mattresses between 3-4 years old receive 70% of the cost of a new mattress core.
  • Mattresses between 5-6 years old receive 50% of the cost of a new mattress core.
  • Mattresses between 7-8 years old receive 30% of the cost of a new mattress core.
  • Mattresses between 9-10 years old receive 10% of the cost of a new mattress core.


We are committed to delivering the best sleeping products to all of our customers. We offer a 100-day trial for all of our mattresses. During this trial period, should you discover that the mattress you purchased is too firm or too soft, you can request a change of the mattress core free-of-charge (Perth Metro Area: complimentary, outside Perth Metro: fee based on postal code). We want to make sure you get the right feel for your new mattress.

However, if the second mattress core is still not right for you, we can change the feel of the core again, but we will then charge a nominal fee to cover our transport costs. (Perth Metro Area: AUD95, outside Perth Metro: fee based on postal code).

The timing of the exchange depends on the availability of the cores. This 100-day trial does not apply to customized mattresses. To be entitled to a mattress density swap, the mattress must not be found dirty, marked, damaged or abused when inspected by the European Bedding staff.


  • For purchases above AUD 300, we will deliver your products free-of-charge.
  • For purchases below AUD 300, there will be a delivery charge of AUD 50 per trip.
  • For purchases online, we will contact you within 24 hours during working hours to arrange for delivery. Please note that we deliver only to addresses within Australia.


We recommend turning your mattress every four to six months. For example you can rotate 180°, flip the mattress upside-down and where you have a partner, swap the mattresses from side to side. Doing this regularly will ensure you evenly distribute pressure by continually sleeping on different parts of the mattress. The latex should never be exposed to UV or direct sunlight as this can decompose the latex.

To clean the core (only if necessary) simply use a damp cloth, rub lightly on the affected area and then let it dry in a dark room. You can also increase the shelf-life of your latex mattress and reduce the regularity of cleaning by adding a mattress protector onto your bed as soon as you purchase it.


For optimal sleeping conditions, we also recommend ventilating your room every day and using a slatted base rather than a plank or box spring, as this will help to promote optimal support and breathability of your mattress. We also recommend that you pull back your sleeping covers (blankets, duvets etc.,) to properly air your mattress.

*** Please note, European Bedding abides by Australian Consumer Law, meaning our valued customers are always fully protected at all times. Whilst our products are known for their quality and reliability, we also provide a warranty to protect your purchase and to offer peace of mind once you take home your purchase.

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