ProCair Plus Mattress

The ProCair® Plus Mattress Replacement System is the premium solution for high-risk patients and offers optimal patient therapy and comfort. The ProCair® Plus features HeelCair for increased protection and therapy for vulnerable heels with an independent heel zone made up of narrower cells, that can be disconnected as required. Providing ultimate protection from “bottoming out”, alternating air cells contain a lower “safety cell” which remains fully inflated to provide greater surface stability and patient safety.


Concerns over correct pressure level settings are eased with AutoCair, a continuous automatic weight-sensing technology that automatically adjusts the pressure settings to keep the client within a safe pressure range for effective therapy, delivering fail-safe patient comfort and support.

The Fowler Boost mode automatically adjusts mattress pressure to provide increased support under the sacral area when the backrest is raised. An inbuilt BackUp Battery unit provides the reassurance of up to 5 hours of emergency backup power in event of a power failure or accidental power disconnection. The ProCair® Plus Mattress Replacement System is equipped with a CairAlert feature, which has an optional warning alarm signal to indicate when a patient has gotten off the mattress or left the bed. The inbuilt service indicator makes for worry-free maintenance. Harnessing the best in technical innovation, our feature-rich products deliver a complete range of alternating pressure mattress solutions for high-risk patients, ensuring optimal patient therapy and comfort.

Available in two sizes. Please make a selection from the dropdown menu above when ordering.



Single (200cm x 88cm x 20cm), King Single (200cm x 105cm x 20cm)

Patient Risk Category

Very High Risk

Mattress Recommendations

Designed for hospital and high-end age care needs. Alternating self-setting therapy in real-time Ensuring optimum pressure and shear reduction during bed articulation. Designed to prevent and treat pressure injuries Battery backup that ensures continuous therapy when mains power is not connected. Bed exit alarm for patients with cognitive dysfunction that pose a falls risk.

Clinical Features

2 cell cycle therapy in real-time Full Mattress Replacement 5 Hours Battery Backup Automatic weight sensing with Automatic Fowler Boost in real-time! Heel Zone – Disconnectable

SWL (kg)


Key Facts & Specifications

  • Sealed mattress base for optimal infection control
  • Enlarged CPR valve for acute care environment
  • Real-time automatic pressure setting function adjusts to weight changes
  • Backup battery provides up to five hours of continuous therapy without mains power
  • Detailed error messages for specific servicing
  • Automatic Fowler Boost when the bed is profiled
  • Narrow heel cells can be disconnected individually for specialised treatment
  • Bed exit alarm to notify the carer that user has left the mattress
  • For a Bariatric APM see Novis Bariatric Alternating Pressure Mattress (APM) with Expandable Width suitable for up to 454 kg


  • ARTG Number: 289458
  • Australian Standards: IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, IEC 60601-1-11, BS7175 Crib
  • Warranty: 3 years

Care & Warranty

Please see below for warranty and maintenance information across our Healthcare Mattress range:


  • 7-year manufacturer defects warranty on the foam.
  • 2-year manufacturer defects warranty on the
  • The Viscorelax mattress covers are wipe desinfection or washable at 95°C, (autoclave up to 110°C)


  • 2-year manufacturers structural defects warranty.
  • Please follow the textile instructions at all times (see label). We will accept no guarantee liability for incorrect washing/cleaning. We recommend you clean your mattress cover at least once a year.
  • The mattress can be autoclaved making it suitable for reuse.
  • The jersey cover is breathable and can be easily unzipped and removed for washing. Washable at 65C / Suitable for tumble dryers. Please also note the following care instructions.
  • The incontinence cover can be cleaned by wipe-down disinfection. The incontinence cover can be easily unzipped and removed for washing. Washable at 65C / Suitable for tumble dryers / to be cleaned by wiping disinfection. Please also note the following care instructions.
  • The black cover for the suspension framework can be easily unzipped and removed for washing. Please also note the following care instructions. Suspension framework Simple Cleaning: The bed base can be damp wiped with non-corrosive household cleaning agents or washed with a wet cloth. Make sure the bed base can dry well after. Cleaning with an alcohol-based disinfectant is also possible.
  • The mattress and suspension framework can be cleaned by steam vacuuming. This has to be done to disinfect and before each reuse. We recommend two disinfecting methods recognised by the Robert Koch Institute:
    • The fractionated vacuum method (vacuum-steam vacuum method) up to a maximum temperature of 110° C.
    • The steam flow method up to a temperature of 110° C.
    • Important note: Thermal treatment above 110° C leads to premature ageing and deforming of the plastic parts which is why it shouldn’t be done. When using chemical disinfectants always follow the information from the manufacturer to ensure they are suitable for plastics


  • Airing of the bedroom – Regular airing of the bedroom will guarantee a healthy and pleasant environment for yourself and your mattress. High humidity in combination with inadequate ventilation (for example, in the case of closed wardrobe beds) can lead to damp stains (mildew). Damage due to damp stains is excluded from the guarantee.
  • Airing of the mattress. The fabric of the latex mattresses is composed of soft, natural materials, which must be aired. If you cover it with bedding, make sure that the latter is permeable to air and moisture. As with all new things, latex mattresses have a specific intrinsic smell, just like a new leather hand bag or pair of leather shoes have. If the mattress is aired, this will disappear within a few days, and is absolutely harmless.
  • Turning – Turn the mattress regularly. We recommend that you turn your healthcare latex mattress every 3-4 months. This way, the material can recuperate more easily, and the sleeping comfort will be retained for an even longer time. All stocked European Bedding latex mattresses for healthcare environments for example in aged homecare, NDIS disability care and other healthcare applications have a one year warranty.
  • Form and volume – The core and the upholstery of latex mattresses consist of soft materials and can change slightly in width, length and height during storage, transportation and use. This will impair neither the sleeping comfort nor the quality and is no ground for a claim under the guarantee.
  • Cleaning – All the covers of our latex mattresses can be dry cleaned. Washable models are specially marked. Please follow the textile instructions at all times (see label). We will accept no guarantee liability for incorrect washing/cleaning. We recommend you to clean your mattress cover at least once a year.
  • UV light – Never expose your uncovered latex core to UV light – daylight or sunlight – as it increases the aging of your mattress dramatically.  Mattresses exposed to UV light do not fall under guarantee.


  • Dartex cover: Wash with warm soapy water, rinse with fresh water (no soap) and dry

*** Please note, European Bedding abides by Australian Consumer Law, meaning our valued customers are always fully protected at all times. Whilst our products are known for their quality and reliability, we also provide a warranty to protect your purchase and to offer peace of mind once you take home your purchase.

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