Adjustable Beds - Made in Italy

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Anatomic, Remote Controlled  Adjustable Beds

Finish Options:

Produced entirely in FSC® (Friendship Stewart Council) certified wood, an ecological choice that certifies the source of our beech wood and its history.

Sizes Available:

King (203 x 183cm)

Queen (203 x 153cm)

Single/Half King (203 x 91.5cm)

Single/Half Queen (203 x 76.5cm)

Comfortable and welcoming to encourage sleep and, at the same time, hygienic and anatomical to look after the spine. This is what an ideal bed should be like. Using your bedroom as a place to relax and enjoy your leisure is even easier and pleasurable with our Italian motorized bed base.  Designed and made in Italy the ‘Human RA’ bed offers comfort and smooth operation performance with its duo motor. The remote control allows you to personalise bed base movements and memorise the most frequent or pleasant positions.

The spine is a perfect but delicate machine of which we have to take maximum care. Sleeping on inadequate bed systems with too hard or too soft slatted frame and mattress, means compromising the natural relaxation of the body, causing soreness, muscles stiffness, “back-aches”, and a non resting sleep with continuos position
changing that will have you wakening up feeling tired and off mood. With our Italian Adjustable Bed, the vertebral column relaxes in a very natural way. Our products help to reduce pressure points and respect the natural and physiological curves of our back guaranteeing a regenerating sleep. 

So when you are sleeping, let the bed do the work!

Key Facts:
  • A range made entirely of eco-sustainable wood
  • Highly personalised 27 slat bed-base system
  • Seven layer slats guarantee flexibility, stability and strength
  • A new design gives our bases natural elegance. True Italian craftsmanship typical of the Made in Italy style.
  • RF (radio frequency) remote control to adjust positions.
  • Remote controls can be synchronised to use as a King or Queen bed or individualised to be used as Half King or Half Queen
  • Motor comes with an emergency backup so that the bed can be
    lowered to a flat position even in the event of a power failure.
  • Designed, made and tested in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association.
  • Select from two leg heights
  • Castors legs
  • Joining legs
  • Vibro-massage